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The beginning

First blog post and the beginning of sage lush boutique


I have always been into fashion but I really became influenced after I had my two kids. I was sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram looking at all the cute boutiques, but then I came to a realization most popular clothing now are tight fitting, low cut, and pants up to your chest or crazy looking fashion that doesn’t match your small town  and let’s be real what mom that gains a little extra after birth or mid aged women who’s body is also changing want uncomfortable or unflattering clothing? 

I am taking the steps to find the best clothing for us moms and Middle Age women!!!

finally another person understanding your frustration such as my dang kid keeps pulling down my low cut shirt , my boobs are to big, this material has no give or the dress that has small cup size that cuts your boobs off because your bigger in the chest or pants that have to much stretch then you have a saggy ass and can’t forget the thought about a tight shirt showing every roll .  Just like high waisted pants always hits in a weird spot then having to go up 3 sizes to fit around your stomach, which doesn’t make us feel great. 

So far I have hand picked out every clothing item because I also have these thoughts and problems.

I will be doing lives on my Instagram of new products so you can see it live and also hangout with me! @sagelushboutique

hope you enjoyed reading this more to come! Sorry I am not the best at writing but I will improve in time! 




By Jennifer Smith